If there is anything wrong with the item we are offering a full refund. In order to be eligible for refund you have to send us an email to support@boldshapewear.com. After we confirm that the item is flawed you can receive a free reshipment and a bonus code or you could get your money back.

You may exchange or refund the product within 30 days for any reason. However, you must pay all costs associated with the return (shipping cost).

- send us a picture of shipping confirmation

- receive refund in 3-7 business days or pick new sizing 


1. You can start your return process by going through our contacting customer support. If you would like a refund, request to return the package that includes instructions and we will send you return shipping address. If you would like to make an exchange, request an exchange package.

2. Send out your return shipment and provide us with a photo of both the package and the return label on our email.

3. When we receive your return, it will be processed in under 24 hours. Once it is processed, your full refund will be given. Please note that refunds can take up to 3 business days to be returned to your account. If you're requesting an exchange, our support team will guide you the exchange process.